Privacy Policy

About Privacy Policy of Unishell Global Club

Anyone who downloads and registers to use this application is deemed to be a member of the Unishell Club and agrees to all the privacy terms and membership agreements. Privacy clauses and membership agreements are an integral part of Unishell Services.

1. When registering with Unishell App, you will need to provide information including but not limited to name, gender, age, address, phone number and email address, and identity information. Its purpose is for Unishell Club to confirm your membership and identity in the membership system.

2.  Unishell App will collect information including but not limited to your IP address, browser type, language, access time, software and hardware of your computer or mobile phone, and webpage record information. Its purpose is to improve the customer experience of the application.

3. Unishell App will collect information including but not limited to your order type, quantity, amount, hobbies. Its purpose is to provide you with more personalized service.

4. Unishell App may also collect information including but not limited to, your membership points usage and transfer status, and recharge information. Its purpose is to provide a basis for the club to expand and improve its service items and level.

5. The various information obtained by Unishell App may involve other matters closely related to you.

6. Unishell Club will not disclose, provide, sell, rent or disseminate the collected information to any unrelated third party.

7. Unishell Club will use all possible technical means and management procedures to protect your information. Unishell Club will not allow any unrelated third parties to collect, edit, sell and disseminate your information.

8. Privacy policy does not apply in the following situations

        A. The information you disclose in the application service, including but not limited to reviews, messages, and search keywords.

        B. The various activities you participate in within the application service, including but not limited to bidding, auctions, and publishing rankings.

        C. Information that must be obtained by business partners involved in providing you with necessary services, including but not limited to logistics,

            warehousing,  telecommunications, and transportation services.

        D. Measures taken based on violation of laws or membership agreements.

9. Unishell Club will disclose your information under certain circumstances

        A. Disclosure to relevant third parties based on your prior consent. Your consent methods include but are not limited to written, email, telephone and social software.

        B. Information requested in the form of legal documents based on the requirements of laws, administrative and judicial agencies.

Application description: 

Unishell is the brand of Unishell Global Ltd. , which  is a membership institution. It mainly provides members with discounted daily necessities natural health products, functional foods and related professional consulting services. This application is a tool to help members manage orders, points, and facilitate more convenient transactions and business connections.